Thursday, 31 January 2013

Nuisance caller? Nope, nuisance receiver…

In the age of annoying calls about family members having mythical accidents, or an individuals unawareness about PPI and how to make a claim – these nuisance calls are becoming the bane of many household telephones across the country. Think of it like this, in the ‘olden days’ people used to send letters, and then telegrams – there simply wasn’t the platform to be hassled the way that these reprobates trouble the households of the UK.

Every day, when I arrive home from work, I see at least two missed calls on my landline – either from private numbers, or ridiculous numbers (such as 942) which I have no doubt are not numbers associated with the UK. It’s annoying – no matter how many times you ignore these slippery buggers, they are resilient and ridiculously persistent. Time after time I am informed of an accident I had two years ago, or that I have been paying PPI on a credit card that doesn’t exist… so tonight, I had my own fun.

A caller (from a call centre in India) told me that I had compensation waiting for me and that he needed to take my details in order for me to claim it. At this point, I was pretending to wrack my brains over whether I had been in an accident or not. He was adamant that I had previously been in an accident despite me saying clearly that I had definitely not been involved in any such accident. To which he replied ‘Well our records show that you had an accident ma'am and there is compensation waiting for you, perhaps your injury made you forget it’. Time and time again, I told him that I had not been in an accident – when he decided that I definitely had, I said ‘If it's free money, feel free to write me a cheque, but I didn't have an accident. Look, I know that Valentines Day is coming up, but you don’t need to try and give me compensation, all you have to do is ask’. At this point, the line went quiet – I was sat giggling to myself when all of a sudden I heard the ‘dead-line’ tone. Considering that he called me, I thought that hanging up on me was rude.

Note to self – the way to get rid of those pesky callers (although it’s only temporary – but fun to do) is to wind them up, mock them and make them hang up on you. It makes handling those annoying calls that much easier.

Over and out. Weez


  1. The way to get rid of pesky callers is simply to put your number on TPS.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment - I signed up for TPS six months ago, I get more annoying phone calls now than before. Now I understand why people are opting to not have landlines. Haha.


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