Tuesday, 17 July 2012

UK Cancer Research's Race for Life - Regent's Park 14th July 2012

At approximately 7:30am on Saturday 14th July 2012, I woke up, stretched, then opened the bedroom blinds, fed the cats and went for a shower before realising that it was once again a wet and rainy day. I was dreading the hours to come - I knew from the previous Race for Life that I had taken part in that I would be coming home wet and painted in mud if the rain was to keep pouring. 

I have to admit that my mood wasn't particularly great - but then I can't say that I am usually happy when I have been rudely awoken by the annoying sound of my alarm - but I knew the day was all for a good cause.

My friend and I reached Regent’s Park with our two amazingly dedicated supporters (who sacrificed staying at home in the dry, for standing in the rain on a muddied parkland area). In front of us a sea of pink (and the occasional person dressed in a cow costume) gathered in front of us, jumping up and down to the beat or annoying chart topping singles. I have to admit that I opted out of the warm-up, maybe that wasn’t the smartest choice I have ever made, but I was only walking it so what’s the fuss? Aye.

Although the heavens had opened and the rain was beating down, the atmosphere was incredible. We walked the 5K in the rain in 52 minutes, there was very little room to manoeuvre due to the floods of pink winding through the course - it was wet and warm but also enjoyable.

To those who have also taken part in the Race for Life - well done! The weather has created challenges for everyone, and at Regent’s Park it was no different. It impacted heavily on the joggers and runners creating mini mudslides around the course (which was the deciding factor for me to walk).

There is still time to donate to our sponsorship page: http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/running-in-circles. We are half way to our target and need to make one final push to get there.

I would like to thank everyone for supporting us on the run up to the Race for Life and for the sponsorships.

Thanks for reading.


Friday, 13 July 2012

UK Cancer Research's Race for Life

Courtesy of www.nationalcynical.com
Tomorrow I am meant to be running in Cancer Research's Race for Life, but unfortunately due to having an operation on my nose two weeks ago I shall not be running anywhere because of the pain. Instead, I intend to walk briskly and enjoy the view from Regents Park.

If anyone feels like sponsoring me and help my team reach our £500 target, please visit http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/running-in-circles. 

Here you will be able to sponsor me and my team mates as we join the fight against cancer.

Thank you and much love,


Friday, 6 July 2012

Letter to Dear Ol' July

Dear July,

I have had no correspondence from May and was wondering if she had, in fact, passed on my message? As soon as the future seemed to be getting brighter and the moods and spirits of those around me lifted, it was taken away and spiralled into an abyss of grey darkness.

June brought us very little in the way of sunshine, perhaps she didn’t have the winning bid on eBay – it appears that Spain may have won those stolen moments with the UV rays and warmth. It’s a shame really, I quite like the sun, it makes everybody cheerful and happy – well apart from one of those things made out of that frozen creamy stuff, they either melt or get eaten. I’m not really sure that I would want to be one of those little ice creams; life would seem a little more unpredictable than that of a human.

Yes my dear July, I am being rather sarcastic. I hope you understand the frustrations the inhabitants of Britain have. We have had very little summer so far, and weather forecasts are more depressing as the weeks go on. I am usually one with a sunny disposition, but I think that must have been previously sold on eBay to cover the costs of postage and packaging for the rain. I mean seriously, the cost of making clouds can’t be cheap.

In fact, it has been raining so much that I have considered taking my fish for a walk – unfortunately, I could not find a lead small enough to fit around it’s head.

Begging at this point July is not beneath me – please deliver us some sunshine, for I fear I may emigrate and join the Expats. Please bring the sun home. Thanks.

Yours faithfully,


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